Why an enterprise? Isn’t that a little… much?

Services offered under the P3A Enterprises umbrella are very unique and different from each other even though they are coming from the same source. Behind the scenes are moving parts that are not represented by the Productions, Training or Rental Property companies and we needed something to encompass it all.

What does P3A stand for?

Per Angusta Ad Agusta, which is Latin for, From Trial to Triumph.

For me, it’s a metaphor for life and one that I’ve taken to heart. My success is not happenstance, luck, or natural ability. Success comes from putting in the work and overcoming the trials and tribulations along the way.

Stay Curious,

P3A Productions

Showcases the creative talents behind P3A Enterprises.

We offer the following:

• graphic design
• logo design
• patch design
• editorial layouts
• stationery and forms
• direct mail
• photo direction

Have a look at the portfolio and request design services: http://p3aproductions.com

P3A Training

Home to firearms, self defense and gear related content on our blog.

We also offer basic handgun lessons and shotgun lessons for clay sports.

Interested in learning more or want to book a lesson? Check us out at: http://p3atraining.com

P3A Rental Properties

This branch of the enterprise is dedicated to providing clean and safe places for people to inhabit in Des Moines, Iowa, even if it’s only temporary.

All units are currently rented.